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Cango Wildlife Ranch



Welcome to the Cango Wildlife Ranch and Valley of Ancients, endangered species breeding facility extraordinaire. The oldest and biggest cheetah contact centre world-wide offers visitors the rare opportunity of interacting with our hand-reared cheetahs and getting actively involved in saving this species and others from extinction.

We invite you and the whole family to pay us a visit and explore the facts and fiction surrounding crocodiles, view elegant cheetahs and giggle at the antics of our Bengal tiger cubs. For the adventurous we offer face to face encounters with wildlife in our Natural Encounters programme where you can touch a cheetah, enjoy the closeness of a tiger cub, wrap yourself in a python and even dive with Nile crocodiles.

Without you, the visitor, facilities like the Cango Wildlife Ranch would not be possible and without facilities like ours, wildlife will become yet another issue we wished we had paid more attention to when it was still possible.

Run the race against extinction with us while having the time of your life – Welcome to Cango Wildlife Ranch,the conservation heart of the Little Karoo!


Our exploration starts in the ruins of The Great Temple.

Many years ago an ancient tribe built this temple to protect a hidden valley filled with wondrous animals. Here they performed human sacrifices to the river god Nyami Nyami whose statues still guard the entrance.

In 1835 explorers discovered the valley and soon exploited the natural resources and people. Trading stores were established and diamonds were recovered from the riverbeds using specially made crocodile proof cages. At some point – we’re not sure when – everyone in the valley disappeared. Some say the river god became angry at the devastation and destroyed all who lived here.

In 2006 the valley was rediscovered and it is here that we will be travelling, hopefully with lessons learnt so that we do not anger the Nyami Nyami as well… And without further ado, follow us into the Valley of Ancients.


Natural Encounters offer you, our guest, the opportunity of interacting with a variety of endangered animals.

At Cango Wildlife Ranch the well-being and welfare of all our animals are paramount in the promotion of our conservation ethic to you, our valued guest.
To achieve these aims we promote the concept of natural encounters between you and a number of select ambassador species.


To promote and fund the conservation of cheetah and other endangered species through captive breeding, research and public awareness.

The Cheetah Preservation Foundation was founded in 1988, with the principal aim of ensuring the survival of the cheetah and other endangered species, as well as educating our visitors about the plight of the these animals. The Cheetah Preservation Foundation also gives our visitors the opportunity to become pro-active in the conservation of endangered species, by joining as members and thereby contributing financially to our various conservation projects.

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