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4×4 Routes

4×4 Routes

Klein Karoo

The region is filled with many different adventure routes on which owners encourage an environmentally sensitive awareness amongst off-road drivers, mountain bikers and hikers.

Several options exist with differently graded routes suitable for all types of off-road vehicles and drivers with different levels of experience.

In this region a combination of 4 x 4 vehicles and mountain bikes is possible, where you use your 4 x 4 vehicle as a backup for the rest of the family or friends on mountain bikes.

Visitors are able to plan their own scenic and adventure routes using the “travel on gravel” map or may use the owner of a route as guide for a self-drive along one of the routes.

Other options are hiring 4 x 4 vehicles, having a guided tour in a hired 4 x 4 vehicle or doing a group 4 x 4 self-drive in the area.

There are even ecological tours and guided plant identification tours available to those interested.